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If you are in the area of Cape May County, NJ you know that fishing is a prime way to spend the day. The thing is, not everyone has a boat and there are tourists around that may not have easy access to fishing in New Jersey. That is where we come in. We have a love of fishing and have lived here long enough to know where the fishing hotspots are. We decided to share our knowledge and our equipment to help you get out on the water where you belong. Our goal is to provide something for everyone and give you a fishing trip that suits your specific needs; even down to the type of fish you want to find.

Take a Trip with Us

As much as we love the water, we cannot help but share our experiences, our knowledge, and our skills with others. We invite and encourage people to go out with us on a trip. To us, it does not matter whether you are a family with children, new to fishing, or already addicted to fishing as much as we are. We simply want to show you what fun you can have in our world. We will share everything we know about the water.

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Keeping the Boat Storage Unit Cool


boat storage shedThe off season is a time when charter boat owners spend their days, and some nights, trying to fix any issues that a boat may have. It is a time to upgrade, repair, and replace anything that may have been damaged or become outdated during the last year. This often requires pulling the boat out of the water and putting it in a boat storage unit where it will be easier to work with. However, these units are not the most comfortable places for the charter boat owners to work and keeping the boat storage unit cool soon becomes a top priority.

The Necessary Repairs

Part of what makes a charter boat successful is the way it is maintained. They promise to provide guests with an experience that will not soon be forgotten. This usually means having the boat look nice and having all equipment in top working order. Replacing the fish-finder, repairing damaged areas where someone may have dropped a cooler, making sure rods and reels are functioning properly, and scraping off the barnacles that get attached to a boat that spends too much time in the water are all a top priority. With all the work to do, you could spend days scrubbing, scouring, and repairing. Do you really want to do that in a metal storage shed when the sun is beating on it from morning to night?

Cooling Down the Repairs

boat repairsEven during the winter, a metal storage shed can hold a lot of heat. It is even worse during the summer months when the temperatures can reach very high. It isn’t just the heat in these sheds, it is also very humid. For this reason, there are often exhaust fans to pull out heat and fans inside to circulate air, but it often isn’t enough, and many people choose to bring an air conditioner to help even more. If this is something you are interested in, you should check out the best portable air conditioner according to Ice Cold Living. It is easy to move into the unit and promises to keep you cool and comfortable, no matter how many hours you need to spend scraping barnacles.

Getting Back to Business

boat storageWith effort, you will be ready to get back on the water by the time your next client schedules his fishing trip. Even if they do not realize how much effort you have put into your boat recently, they will be happy to see that you have the most impressive devices and the best rod and reel setups available. They may also appreciate seeing that your boat is clean, coolers are odorless, and everything that should work; does. It will make them happy that they chose your charter services and will make it so that they will refer you to their friends and family who may be looking for a good chartered fishing trip. However, you will also need to make sure that your efforts pay off and you are able to put them on the fish so that they can reel in some big ones while they are with you. After all, no matter how great your boat looks, it is really the fish count that will make them happiest.

Boat Sound System Upgrade


boat speakersOne of the most enjoyable things that you can do when on a boat, besides fishing, is relax with the music that you love. It can make it more fun to hang out with friends or family on the boat, and it can make it more enjoyable to drink a cold one while waiting for that fish to bite. The problem is, most boats, if they even have a sound system, will have one that is on the lower end of the spectrum. This means, you may have music, but it will not sound as good as you want it to. Therefore, many people choose to make a boat sound system upgrade their priority.

The Downside of Budget Sound Systems

marine sound system

When you have a sound system that is not high-quality, you often end up with a lower sound volume than you want. This could make it very hard to hear with the sea breeze blowing out on the open water. They may not have the bass sounds that you want, or the music may come out sounding flat instead of like the musician is there with you. You also have to deal with the potential for those cheaper sound systems to dry rot. They are not designed to handle the marine environment and salt water, sun, and other elements have the potential to destroy them in just a few years’ time. Is that something you want to have to deal with later on?

High Quality Performance

boat partyWhen upgrading speakers on your boat, you will have things to consider. Are they able to handle the marine environment? Are they able to produce the sounds that you want to hear, or will they come out sounding flat as well? Are they sealed up so that the rain and other stuff cannot cause damage to them? It can be difficult to know what is a good or bad sound system, but there are websites available that can help you narrow down the search. For instance, you may choose to check out the Bose marine speakers from this site and find the quality you want at a price you can afford, but you may also find another option that is better for your budget or your boat’s setup. Either way, if you have chosen a quality sound system, you will have more bass, smoother sounds, and a sound system that will last you for many years.

Rock Your Boat

Once you have a sound system that you enjoy listening to, it will be easy to rock along with the waves in your boat. This could scare away the fish, but we are certain you won’t mind when you consider how great it sounds. Who knows, you may even opt to give up the hunt for fish and simply kick back to enjoy the music that is coming out of your marine grade speakers. Who knows, you may have a party on the boat when you have friends and family out with you for the day.

On Board Boat Facilities


cabin boat fishing Most people love the idea of going out on a boat to enjoy a day of relaxation and fishing. They get excited over the idea of a boat ride, feeling the water spray on their face, and reeling in the biggest fish caught on the boat that day. It is thrilling. It is an experience to be savored by everyone on board. The downside to the whole idea for some people is the concern that there will be a lack of on board boat facilities. This is a concern that you should not have to worry about.

The Uncomfortable Part of Boating

portable boat toiletNature has a tendency to call on people when the timing is not always favorable. On a boat is a prime example of nature’s persistence. When it happens, some people are able to go where they are while others end up doing the dance. This is very true for the ladies who want to go out on a boat and spend the day with their male partners. A good charter boat understands the needs of both men and women and provides a place that is private. Then it can be used by both men and women so that no one has to make the boat wiggle around to scare away the fish that you are trying to catch.

Cuddy Cabin Boats

fishingCuddly Cabin boats may not be the biggest boats on the water, but they are some of the most comfortable when it comes to onboard facilities. These boats have places for guests to sit and relax if they get tired of fishing and they have other basic things that are vital to some people’s comfort. This includes having a portable boat toilet in a private area for people to use when the call of Nature becomes something they cannot resist listening to. These toilets are there when emergencies come up and you simply cannot hold it any longer. They are also ideal for use when someone on board ends up a little unstable because of the motion of a boat ride that gets a little too wavy. Sinks are also available for hand and face washing as well because it should be the charter boat’s job to keep people happy and relaxing.

Are You Ready to Have Fun?

Once you know that there are facilities on board for all your needs, you should feel a little better about planning a day trip out on the open water. Your entire family can go out on the water, in the boat, and no one will have to worry about sudden accidents. No one will have to worry about a number of pit stops they need to make because of a water pill that they have to take daily or an unexpected case of some other unpleasant thing. You can simply go out and enjoy the beautiful day that you are there to see. You are there to enjoy the fish that you are catching and the relaxing sound of your boat plopping in the water, nearly rocking you to sleep.

Marine Epoxy Maintenance Project


epoxy boat repairsEpoxy is useful for a lot of things. It can put a layer over cabinets or counter tops. You can seal items into the area that you are decorating, such as putting pennies or bottle caps on a table top. The possibilities are endless. What you may not realize is that you can also use it to take care of a marine epoxy maintenance project.

Using Epoxy for Marine Uses

boat repairs with epoxyEpoxy is a hardener that does not break away, even if you drop something on it. It also doesn’t stain if you spill something on it and whatever you have sealed in it will always look great. This is one of the main reasons that epoxy is often used on boats. When people use it, they know it will put a barrier against water on counters and other surfaces and you can also use it in conjunction with fiberglass to make repairs on your boat. You can use it to create a patch for a hole or bring the shine back to a boat that is older. There are some people who use it to repair boat sun shades and a variety of other things.

How to Use Epoxy with Fiberglass

The first thing you need to do if you are patching a hole in your boat is sand down the area to make sure that everything is smooth. You should also wash it thoroughly and some people also recommend using alcohol to ensure it is grease and oil free before you attempt to put anything on it. After the surface is prepped, you can use a stitched fiberglass mat along with polyester resin. Epoxy will seal it all in and with a little work it can create a smooth, sturdy layer.

If you want to repair a sun shade cover or something else, there are a lot of tutorials and information on the internet. You can also find a lot of creative ideas for the interior of the boat if you are trying to fix up an older boat to make it look better.

Can Anyone Make Epoxy Repairs?

total boat epoxyVirtually anyone can use epoxy to make repairs on their boat. However, you may want to consider using Total Boat Epoxy because, with a single kit, you will get everything you need to make the repair easier. A kit includes things like a set of metered mixing pumps, stirring sticks, and mixing pails. The epoxy resin is available in either fast or slow drying hardener. You even get a pair of gloves to keep it off your hands.

If you are unsure of your ability to use it properly, you may want to ask a question of someone or find a web forum to help you out with answers. You can also mix up a little bit of epoxy to test out your techniques to make sure that it will work when you need it to. This will give you a chance to find out how easy it is to work with and what problems you may come across before you are trying to tackle a major repair.

Charter Boat on Board Must Haves

charter boat fun

charter boat funCharter boats are a great way to see the coastline and off shore areas. They are popular among tourists who may not have a boat with them and locals who simply want to go out fishing in the best spots around. As a charter boat owner, you have a responsibility to everyone who climbs on board. There are several charter boat on board must haves that you need to have if you want to become successful.

Owning the Top Charter Boat

Charter fishing boatWhen you have a top charter boat, you have it because you know where to take clients to catch the fish that they want. You should be able to provide them with  everything that they need to have a successful day out. This means being able to put them in only the best fishing holes for the type of fish, large or small, that they are hoping to find. You should also be able to talk to them about the techniques that will make them more successful in that area. You also need to make sure that you are prepared for unexpected issues that are prone to happen when out on the open water.

Planning Ahead for Unexpected Issues

charter boatNo one wants to consider what could happen out on the water, but as a boat chartering company; you have to. Storms appear out of nowhere suddenly and with storms you have high waves, the wind, and more. This can mean that you end up lost, even if you have a GPS on board. Depending on the type of fish you are searching for; people can become injured by a fish. You are also on a boat with people fishing in close proximity to one another and they are using hooks, which can pierce a person rather than a fish. This means you need a first aid kit and the ability to call for help. Basically, you have to be prepared for all things, especially worst-case scenarios that no one wants to have happen on their boat. If you aren’t prepared with the right accessories, your crew and your guests will be put into possible danger.

The Right Accessories

Teaching people about boat safety should also be something you do for your clients, since some may have never been on a boat in the big water before. This means having accessories that keep your guests, you, and the fish below safe. These accessories may include a quality battery to make sure that you do not run out of power when you spend the day out and storing it inside of a boat battery box to ensure your battery never leaks, even during rough waters. You should also have a fire extinguisher and show the people on board what to do with it in case of an emergency. In the event that a storm rolls in quickly, you need to have a VHF radio on board so that you can call for help if needed and flares to call for help. Life jackets and an inflatable raft are also charter boat must haves as well as anything else that is important to you and your guests.

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Fishing Techniques Everyone Can Use

Salt Water fishing tips

fly fishingIt isn’t always easy to catch a fish. Some people can go out for an entire day and come home empty handed while another person can hit the same spot and fill up their boat. These two people may seem to be using the same type of lures, making the same amount of noise, and still walk away with two different fishing trip stories to tell. It could be that they know different fishing techniques. For that reason, we have discovered the best fishing techniques everyone can use to take home the big one.

Freshwater Fishing Tips

Salt Water fishing tipsFirst and foremost, if you want to go freshwater fishing, you should do it in the spring, especially if you are searching for a large-mouth or Black Bass. They love to bite on live golden shiner fish and you can use a float on it if you want to. If you prefer a bait that isn’t alive, the plastic worm is best. The thing is, if you have a plastic worm, you need to move it slowly along the bottom of the lake or just a few feet above it. You can also use a jerk worm, but you should avoid using sinkers if you want to get the big one. They should be jigged in quickly, but you need to pause at times to let them sink a little.

Saltwater Fishing Tricks

If you plan to use lures when you go saltwater fishing, you should use lures that are bright and shiny. This does mean that you will want to rinse the lures when you get back onto dry land. Otherwise, they will rust and become less appealing to all saltwater fish. Noise is also a good thing. Using a top water lure that rattles or pops along the surface of the water will bring fish swimming quickly.  When using live bait, you need to do everything you can to ensure that they stay alive. Shrimp is easy to keep alive and may stay attractive to fish for several hours if you keep them on ice.

Fly Fishing Techniques

Catch of the DayThe best fly fishing trick is to go fishing in a remote area. The further you have to walk to get to the fishing pool the better things will turn out for you. The downside of this simple trick is that there are tons of bugs that live there as well, so you may want to bring along bug spray to protect yourself. These bugs are part of what makes fly fishing so successful in those areas. Fish have to grab quickly or they go hungry. Sling the “fly” out over the water and make sure you do not let the line touch the stream and always make sure that you put in your best cast on the first throw. Often fish will take notice of the first time the fly hits the water and then wait for it to touch again.

As you begin to reel them in, take photos of your catch, especially when fly fishing because a “fly” looks great in a fish’s mouth. In fact, a lot of people recommend that you take boar bristle brush before and after photos because of the powerful effect that it can have inside of a scrap book.

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Take Advantage of a Better Fishing Trip


lake fishingFishing trips are a big deal for many sportsmen. They love the thrill of the chase and the relaxation that comes along with fishing. They also enjoy eating the fish that they are able to reel in that day. Some of the most devoted fishermen may know of or own a private pond or lake that they can stock up over the years. If you prefer to go toss out a fishing line in waters that haven’t been stocked, you are invited to take advantage of a better fishing trip in a natural habitat.

Natural Lake Fishing

fishing lakesThere are a lot of very large lakes all over the world. In those lakes, you can catch a variety of fresh water fish. It simply depends on the area you are hoping to fish in and the same could be said for rivers and streams. Each area will give you different challenges. For instance, a stream that flows quickly may make it harder to tell when you are getting a bite on the end of your line and a lake may have a lot of natural growth for fish to hide in, which may mean you get hung on something at the bottom.

Private Lake Fun

fishing streamA private lake is sometimes ideal for people who simply want to enjoy knowing that they are catching fish. They are sometimes stocked with fish from local ponds, lakes, and rivers. They are not fished by a lot of people who may catch more than they should and often people use the catch and release method; just trying to enjoy a day of relaxation. The downside is, the overgrowth of weeds could cause serious problems for any hook, so those who venture to these private lakes for a day of fun should be aware of it. You may choose to use a bobber and catch only the fish that are swimming rather than resting on the bottom.

Enjoy Your Outing

fishing funAsk around to see where others in your area enjoy fishing the most. You may also ask a tour guide or a fishing charter who can give you tips on the best places to go. Chances are good, you will be surprised by the options that you find out about. You may also look a little further to see if there are lakes that take advantage of an aquatic harvester. These machines are able to get out into the water and remove some of the natural growth that is in the lake. The lessens the risk of your hook getting stuck on the bottom and will also reduce some of the algae that are in most still water lakes. This is less of a concern in areas where waters flow freely, but may still increase your enjoyment if you do not have to worry about the junk on the bottom. In all cases, a better fishing trip is within your reach. You simply have to decide that you are ready to enjoy it and then ask to find out where you should go to reap the most reward.