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Fishing Techniques Everyone Can Use

Salt Water fishing tips

fly fishingIt isn’t always easy to catch a fish. Some people can go out for an entire day and come home empty handed while another person can hit the same spot and fill up their boat. These two people may seem to be using the same type of lures, making the same amount of noise, and still walk away with two different fishing trip stories to tell. It could be that they know different fishing techniques. For that reason, we have discovered the best fishing techniques everyone can use to take home the big one.

Freshwater Fishing Tips

Salt Water fishing tipsFirst and foremost, if you want to go freshwater fishing, you should do it in the spring, especially if you are searching for a large-mouth or Black Bass. They love to bite on live golden shiner fish and you can use a float on it if you want to. If you prefer a bait that isn’t alive, the plastic worm is best. The thing is, if you have a plastic worm, you need to move it slowly along the bottom of the lake or just a few feet above it. You can also use a jerk worm, but you should avoid using sinkers if you want to get the big one. They should be jigged in quickly, but you need to pause at times to let them sink a little.

Saltwater Fishing Tricks

If you plan to use lures when you go saltwater fishing, you should use lures that are bright and shiny. This does mean that you will want to rinse the lures when you get back onto dry land. Otherwise, they will rust and become less appealing to all saltwater fish. Noise is also a good thing. Using a top water lure that rattles or pops along the surface of the water will bring fish swimming quickly.  When using live bait, you need to do everything you can to ensure that they stay alive. Shrimp is easy to keep alive and may stay attractive to fish for several hours if you keep them on ice.

Fly Fishing Techniques

Catch of the DayThe best fly fishing trick is to go fishing in a remote area. The further you have to walk to get to the fishing pool the better things will turn out for you. The downside of this simple trick is that there are tons of bugs that live there as well, so you may want to bring along bug spray to protect yourself. These bugs are part of what makes fly fishing so successful in those areas. Fish have to grab quickly or they go hungry. Sling the “fly” out over the water and make sure you do not let the line touch the stream and always make sure that you put in your best cast on the first throw. Often fish will take notice of the first time the fly hits the water and then wait for it to touch again.

As you begin to reel them in, take photos of your catch, especially when fly fishing because a “fly” looks great in a fish’s mouth. In fact, a lot of people recommend that you take boar bristle brush before and after photos because of the powerful effect that it can have inside of a scrap book.

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